Blogging is a thing

I've gone back and forth about creating a blog for a while now. Mainly, because I fail miserably at holding myself accountable for writing. Especially writing with any type of consistency. I've come to realize (mostly thanks to grad school) that I write much in the same way that I watch Netflix. I binge. Give me a deadline, my computer, and lock me in a room and I'll emerge several hours later, sweaty and dirty, holding the holy texts. Holy tablets. Holy iPad tablets. There's definitely a moses and the stone tablets/iPad tablet joke in here that i can't seem to grasp so pretend I nailed it and that also it was hilarious.

ANYWAY... to be completely honest; that's the point of these things, right? To be honest? Well, in the spirit of honesty, I'm not entirely sure this blogging thing will work out. Like I don't know if me and blogging will like each other, or even like-like each other. It could just be a casual, every so often at like 3am kind of thing where you wake up the next morning like maybe I shouldn't have done that but whatever, no ragerts. Whichever the case may be, I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me. Stay tuned for random ramblings about things that I feel are important enough to share on the inter-web...with my name attached..for all of eternity. That is until artificial intelligence goes rogue and wipes out all traces of human existence.

Peace, love, and oxford commas.


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