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This entwining solo demonstrates how the body can find its own resolutions through an uninhibited movement exploration. Set to an arrangement of Dotzauer’s Etudes for Solo Cello, No. 6, "Freestyle Wrap" highlights an embodied investigation prompted by the act or image of wrapping. It utilizes a carefully constructed improvisational score as a framework for (re)investigation within live performance. Personal kinesphere is described and redescribed through complex and visually stimulating gestural pathways. It invites the audience to witness and engage in a very vulnerable and highly personal experience that unfolds, or in this instance, unwraps before them. 

Premiered 2014

Improvisational score created by Marissa Aucoin in collaboration with Samantha Johnson

Music by Friedrich Dotzauer

Costume by Emma Scholl

Photo by Rachel Keane

Originally performed by Marissa Aucoin

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