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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE is the creative portion of Marissa Aucoin's MFA Thesis which premiered in March of 2016. The piece, "demonstrates the infiltration of technology and advertising in our daily lives through rapid-fire choreographic structures, scrolling projections, and witty dialogue." Tammy Carrasco, MFA

Premiered 2016

Directed by Marissa Aucoin

Choreographed by the Dancers

Sound Design by Marissa Aucoin

Costumes: Marissa Aucoin with Emma Scholl

Set designer: Marissa Aucoin

Projection designer: Cassie Burns


"Wine Not" Written by Nicole Grigonis 

"Colored Pits" written by Emily K. Gerst

"Hydrolinazox" Written by Mia Martelli

Originally performed by Emilia Bunich, Alyssa Darrow, Claire Fisher, Emily K. Gerst, Tina Green, Nicole Grigonis, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, Mia Martelli, Jessica Moore, Sarah Norris, Marissa Subik

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