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Format Dance is committed to providing holistic, accessible dance training to our local community. Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never taken a formal class before we want you to groove with us!


For the safety of our community,

all class offerings are currently suspended.

We hope to be back in the studio with you soon! 

Brush Stroke

Open Classes

*Paused for Covid19*

These classes are designed for students with any and all levels of dance experience. In this diverse community, students will learn with and from one another as they investigate a range of movement ideas. Students are invited to approach these classes with a "take what you need, leave what you don't" mentality. Personal modifications are welcome and encouraged. 

Brush Stroke

Beginner Classes

*Paused for Covid19*

These classes are designed with non-dancers and beginning dance students in mind. Class will focus on basic movement vocabulary and technical  fundamentals as students investigate and explore new ways of moving. 

Paint Splash

Int/Adv Classes

*Paused for Covid19*

These classes are designed with intermediate and advanced level students in mind. Class with focus on complex body organizations and movement patterns as students cultivate a deeper awareness of their body within specific dance styles.


Choreo Lab

*Paused for Covid19*

This three hour laboratory is designed to provide both choreographers and dancers with space and time to investigate and create new work. Participating dancers will be assigned to a choreographer and will immediately dive into the creative process. Choreographers will be challenged to make unfettered creative decisions while dancers work to adapt to the choreographer's interests and methods of creating. Each Choreo Lab will culminate in an informal showing of any and all material created within the session. 


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